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The sites of Hawaii.  Let us show you the way.


Thank you for visiting our site.  On the site you will find the discriptions and prices of all of our tours.  Check out our Private Pearl Harbor Tours and Oahu Tours.

Keawe Adventures is a private island tour and activity guide service company.  We officially opened our doors in 2008, and have been conducting tours state wide.  We are a Hawaiian and veteran owned business that provides visitors and locals a unique experience in a private setting.  We found a niche in Hawaii's mass tourism market, by providing services based on local hobbies, sports, activities, and history of Hawaii and its people. 

Experience Pearl Harbor for the first time, explore the beautiful beaches and scenic views, snorkel at a nature preserve, catch a fish, Stand Up Paddleboard down a river, or hike the beautiful landscape.  Or spearfish for the first time!  There are many things to do in Hawaii.  Let us make it easy for you.  Give us a call, and let's work on your vacation together.  Call 808-780-1253.


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